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Since I decided to learn how to improve my diet by removing meat, dairy and added oils, I've run across a number of audio and video files that I really wanted to go through (but I never could stay stuck to the computer long enough to endure). 

Instead, I've downloaded the audio tracks so I can listen on the go while traveling or doing mindless tasks.  Below is some of that collection. 

These can be rather large zipped mp3 files which you will need to download and open in order to play.  (Click on zip file name, save file to your local drive, then unzip into audio files you can play on your computer or other mp3 player.)

Nurture Your Health Forum  (428 MB) Interviews from the UC Davis Integrative Medicine Program's October 2014 forum on nutrition and health.  Day 1  Day 2  Day 3
01 NurtureYourHealthForum 16a Esselstyn.mp3
02 NurtureYourHealthForum 17a McDougal.mp3
03 NurtureYourHealthForum 17b Pam Popper.mp3
04 NurtureYourHealthForum 17c Collin Campbell.mp3
05 NurtureYourHealthForum 18a Julieanna Hever RD.mp3
06 NurtureYourHealthForum 18b Michael Greger MD.mp3
07 NurtureYourHealthForum 18c Rosane Oliveira PhD.mp3
08 NurtureYourHealthForum 19a Lindsay Nixon JD.mp3
09 NurtureYourHealthForum 19b Rip Esselstyn.mp3
10 NurtureYourHealthForum 19c Alona Pulde MD.mp3

McDougall Video  (213 MB) Audio only, "Fighting the big fat lies with fad free truth" lectures recorded from Youtube sources.
McD 01 Diet vs Drugs.mp3
McD 02 Food Shopping Mrs.mp3
McD 03 Milk for cows.mp3
McD 04 Milk marketing disease.mp3
McD 05 Meat.mp3
McD 06 Kitchen Essentials.mp3
McD 07 Intestines.mp3
McD 08 Low Carb Hysteria.mp3
McD 09 Molecules of Life.mp3

McDougall Podcasts From Early  (1068 MB) Located on Dr. McDougall's website
01 Agatha Thrash MD.mp3
02 Allan Cunninhams MD.mp3
03 Casey Kasem.mp3
04 Charles Wright MD.mp3
05 Daniel Perl MD.mp3
06 David Hoffman herbalist.mp3
07 Dean Ornish MD.mp3
08 Greg Miller nutritionist.mp3
09 Henry Heimlich MD.mp3
10 Howard Lyman mad cowboy.mp3
11 Jack LaLanne.mp3
12 James Balch MD.mp3
13 Jay Gordon MD.mp3
14 John McDougall MD 2007 lecture.mp3
15 John McDougall MD 2007 interview.mp3
16 John Robbins author.mp3
17 Julian Whitaker MD.mp3
18 Kenneth Cooper MD.mp3
19 Michael Jacobson nutrition 1992.mp3
20 Neal Barnard MD 1995.mp3
21 Robert Atkins MD 1990s.mp3
22 Robert Pritikin 1992.mp3
23 Roy Swank MD 1995.mp3
24 Thomas Graboys MD.mp3
25 Virgil Hulse MD.mp3
26 W C Roberts MD 1994.mp3
Lost Lectures of Nathan Pritikin 01 my interest.mp3.mp3
Lost Lectures of Nathan Pritikin 02 degenerative disease.mp3.mp3
Lost Lectures of Nathan Pritikin 03 cholesterol smoking bp weight.mp3.mp3
Lost Lectures of Nathan Pritikin 04 angina.mp3.mp3
Lost Lectures of Nathan Pritikin 05 exercise diabetes.mp3.mp3
Lost Lectures of Nathan Pritikin 06 cancer.mp3.mp3
Lost Lectures of Nathan Pritikin 07 lippotoxemia degerative disease.mp3.mp3
Lost Lectures of Nathan Pritikin 08 arthritis stones hearing sight.mp3.mp3

MANY MORE VIDEOS are free on Dr. John McDougall's website