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I wanted a solid but portable stand for multiple flutes, but I was too cheap to pay big bucks for unstable looking stands with a footprint the size of a paperback book.  So I went to my local hardware store and bought:
    One 3' piece of nice straight 2" x 1/2" oak plank
    Several wood dowels: 5/8"; 3/4"; 1"
    One 7/8" long machine screw and nut.
7/8" 'feet'

I cut the 3' board into 4 pieces: 
18", 16", 7/8", 7/8".

I glued the 7/8" pieces to the ends of the 18" piece as shown.

I drilled a machine screw size hole through the exact center of the 18" piece.

I drilled a machine screw size hole through the exact center of the 16" piece.  I then enlarged one end of the hole with a larger drill bit almost as big as the nut, then tapped the nut into the hole.  (
I've been told that a "T-nut" is better to use in wood than a regular nut.  )

When I screwed the pieces together I had a 1"x2"x18" board which opens out into an "X" shape with a nice 18"x16" footprint.

I then drilled holes on 3" centers and glued in three 10" flute pegs.  I don't play piccolo, so I used a 3/4" dowel near the center for my alto flute, and two 5/8" dowels on either side for concert flutes.  For times when I need a bass flute peg, I drilled 5/8" holes through sections of 1" dowel to slip over one of the concert flute pegs.

In plumbing supply I found some kind of soft washers so the end of the footjoint won't hit wood.
  I originally planned to have a catch to "lock" the stand in the open position, but never needed to bother.

You can size pegs to match your flute collection, use peel-and-stick craft felt to pad the pegs, etc.  Let me know of any ideas for improvements.

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