Joseph Wilds Sallenger

A Stab at Visual "Art"

The names I gave these were tongue-in-cheek.  I tend to get bent out of shape when I see a trite little watercolor with a title too long and pretentious to put in the gallery catalog.  Since I couldn't decide what to call these, I put several possible titles together to confuse the viewer....

GoferJoe in Mainz, Germany, 1974
This is typical of the "art" I will attempt from time to time.  I'll take a curve, a shape, or a repeating pattern, increasing the complexity until it turns to mush -- then back off a bit.  Like Escher, I enjoy optical illusions and "impossible" shapes.  Unlike Escher, I usually can't pull it off.
Here I've taken the "shadow" portion of the above image and used a very round-about technique developed by my late boss, Jack Baker.  He got his doctorate in music composition and tried to transfer these skills to his painting.  His ultimate goal was to provide multiple images occupying a single space in a manner analogous to musical counterpoint or polyphony.  He would have two painted images and another image created by the pattern with which they alternate.
Double Negative | Reunion: Anti-Shadow 
Convergence: Photon-Antiphoton | Second Approximation
Here is a close-up of the center of the image above.  I painted one layer of the light blue image and triangles using latex house paint directly onto plexiglas.  I later scraped off roughly half the paint, then painted the pink image and crossing set of triangles, which filled in the scratched out spaces.  Flip the plexiglas over and, viola!
For less complex "art" that GalferJoe (Mrs. GoferJoe) can appreciate, there are the cats....

Chester -vs- Moth

Cats as of 070222
Speaking of cats, the children say it's time to go off-line and deal with more immediate things -- or else!
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