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The Other Bands

Sometimes I found myself in possession of music from other bands. Either I recorded them, or sat in during a recording session, or wound up being the only person that still had a working reel-to-reel tape deck.

Wildewood 1978Wildewood was formed in late 1977.  On January 21, 1978, Randy Maxey and I hauled some gear to the the Florence SC Sheraton Inn's Bird Cage Lounge to mix sound and make a well-lubricated recording of the evening. Considering the group had only been together a few months, I was impressed with their tight sound. In 2018 I found and digitized 1989 cassette dubs of the original reel-to-reels, added a little ambiance to the mono signal, and below I have the evening divided into four sets, daquari mixer and all.

Personnel are Cheryl Fields (vocals), Jim Garand (6 string acoustic guitar and vocals), Judy Garand (vocals) and Thomas Tallant (12 string acoustic guitar and vocals).
I'm Easy                      Jim
Ventura Highway               Jim
Old Fifty-five                Jim
I Believe in You           Cheryl
Helplessly Hoping             Tom
Amy                           Jim
Father & Son              Jim/Tom
It's So Easy               Cheryl
Gambler                       Jim
Feeling Groovy               Judy
Illinois                      Tom
New to the Capital            Tom
Listen to the Wind Blow
Tequila Sunrise               Jim
I Still Love You           Cheryl
Knock on Door                 Jim
Cripple Creek Ferry           Jim
I'll Always Love You       Cheryl
Fiddle in the Sky             Tom
Meet Me in the Middle         Jim
Down by the River             Tom
Peaceful Easy Feeling         Jim
Please Come to Boston      Cheryl
Oh Daddy                     Judy
Summertime                   Judy
Bring in the Clowns          Judy
Solitary Man                  Jim
Crystal                    Cheryl
There Is Love              Cheryl
Sandman                       Jim
Love the One You're With      Jim
You Light Up My Life (part)  Judy
Love Is a Rose             Cheryl
Teach                         Tom
Knights in White Satin        Jim
A Mother's Smile           Cheryl
Ohio                          Jim
Find the Cost of Freedom
The Chain

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