Powell 1775 bodyPowell 1775 engraving on barrel

Verne Q. Powell
Serial # 1775; Boston; 1957; silver body & mechanism, soldered, gold springs; sl 601mm/635mm (c/b); 416g; .0125"h .012"b

RH section and footVerne Q. Powell was the son of a jeweler and taught himself flutemaking.  One he made from melted down scrap silver he sent to William S. Haynes in Boston, who offered him a job on the spot.  After 13 years with Haynes, rising to be production manager, Verne tried to buy into the company.  When Haynes refused to sell to him, he set up his own independent shop in 1926.
    This thin-walled flute was made 30 years later, several years before Verne Powell retired (selling his business to four former employees).  By this time he had a pretty good idea how a flute should be made.  The general condition belies the age of the flute, appearing virtually unused.  If there weren't minor tell-tales indicating the action has seen use, the sharpness of the engraving would make one think the flute has not seen any use -- one can only suppose it escaped the multiple buffings that befall so many instruments
.Maker marks
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